Ikel Marvlus

What started out as a hobby at the tender age of 16 has turned into an exciting career for Charles Wilson, more popularly known as Ikel Marvlus .  Wilson is one of the founding members of “Team Shella” and has set his mark as one of the most versatile dj’s on Jamaica’s party scene.

Ikel hails from the East Kingston community of Rockfort and that is where he started testing  his “wings”. He would travel to neighboring communities with members of a small sound system from his area and it wasn’t long before his jovial , energetic spirit along with his ability to communicate with audiences led to him being requested regularly by patrons. The positive feedback he received encouraged him to continue honing his already promising skills. In 2007, he met experienced selector, Genius , from Nitro da CD sound. Genius became Ikel’s  mentor and taught him various aspects of the business. Ikel started venturing on islandwide tours and was given the title “King of the East”. He later met another energetic selector, Little Richie, and together they kicked things up a notch, received a few awards , and the rest, as they say , is history.                         



 Throughout his career Ikel has been blessed with consistent support from his family and friends and  this along with his love for his children and  long-term vision for the music industry  keeps him motivated.

“Dancehall is my everything, and even when they bash it and our culture, dancehall and reggae are the genres taking over the world. The powers that be need to step up and play their role in the development of our creative industries and it would be better for all us. The music is for enjoyment and has been even long before we were born. So let’s not try to destroy it but unite and take our culture “to di werl.” He said.


Though Ikel loves playing in nightclubs, at street dances and special events, his love for music goes beyond the spectrum of juggling tunes. He has found plenty of ways to express himself musically –as   a producer , promoter and recording artiste and has collaborated with several established and upcoming Jamaican acts including DownSound Records artiste – Ishawna, Mr. Vegas, Alkaline,  FameStylez and  Tajji and says there is much more to come.

“In 2015 I’m working on expanding my name and craft and I’m very excited about my partnership with DownSound Records.  We’ll continue to work together and make great things happen in the music industry locally and internationally,”  the DJ said.

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For bookings and dates, please email or 876.872.7089.